Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006

Away with Aerosol Foam Sprays...and Racists

It's ridiculous how apologists for Wendy can insist that she isn't racist. Just thought I'd quote from her entry to prove she is (in case she exercise her "editorial integrity" by changing her words again):

"For example, would you like to party with foreign workers?

*shudders* (I heard Orchard road was full of them, molesting and spraying our girls!! Grr! Why are we sharing Orchard road with them?! Another entry)

See, you get my point."

Again, molestation is a criminal matter, and race/nationality should NEVER be dragged in. But anyway, looking at the bit in bold, I was just wondering what sort of sign we might see if Wendy gets her way. Maybe the following:


Whatever happened to Singapore being a world-class cosmopolitan city?

PS: A friend of mine was in Orchard Road that evening. She too got sprayed, but by a young bunch of locals....

The colour of pink....

Mention pink, and Japanese, and I immediately think of pornography (hey, don't they call them "pink pornography"?). I know I'm generalising things, but from my experience that's probably the case.

Of course, Hello Kitty is also pink and Japanese, but who cares?

Not sure what I'm getting at? Well, some blogger stated on her blog as a fact that "a lot of foreign [Bangladeshi] workers in Orchard are molesters"--based her her own personal experience.

"I so need to cool down. I am very, very pissed off by people who are deluding themselves that molestation by these foreign workers are not happening, JUST BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSEDLY "RACIST".

And not to mention, we must not attack these FWs for no reason (like hitting them), just because we are angry at some of them. That, obviously, is racism.

But stating that a lot of the foreign workers in Orchard are molesters IS NOT RACISM, IT IS FACT.

Facts that cannot be denied just because you are scared of being labelled a racist."

Yep, Wendy's at it again.

I'm currently still up to my neck with work (yes, I celebrated the festive by working my socks off *sob*) so I'll make this short.

Does Wendy know what makes something a FACT? Well, it certainly isn't one's "personal experience", since that only makes it an OPINION. Where's the figures? Where's the research, the reports, the surveys? She claims to have gotten over 500 comments supporting her case--can I assume that there are enough foreign workers hauled in for molestation to create a little diplomatic crisis then? =)

I'm being cynical, but if Wendy's going to accuse a majority of foreign workers of something as serious as molestation, she better have solid proof to back her words up.

Obviously she doesn't. So she should just keep her gob shut.

"Realise that we practice discrimination every single day.

We discriminate looks, education, intellect, dressing, and a lot more.Modelling agencies do not employ the ugly (superifical); Mensa does not welcome people with low IQ (elitism), Platinum card owners do not allow the poor to join their ranks (elitism), SIA does not employ short girls (don't know what this is called) but Ikea alone is wrong in not employing blacks in France to do deliveries?

Is it really ok to discriminate these other things and not race?

Food for thought.

I do not condone racism, but racism, in my opinion, means not doing anything to harm a person just because he is a certain race."

Discrimination exists, we all know that (of course, there are laws to discourage certain forms of discrimination, be it gender or race). But let's stick to the more sticky issue of race. And precisely because it's touchy, it should be tackled with a greater deal of sensitivity. Tokenism is itself a form of discrimination, that is true.

But so is making sweeping statements and baseless accusations about a certain race/nationality based on your own opinions--even if it's just MOST of them and not all. If Wendy wants to sound so "concerned" she should start by doing what most matured people do: engage in a thoughtful discussion like how educated, matured 21-year-old adults ought to know, rather than ranting and raving, and stirring up public emotions. I know this sounds cliched by now, but we all know the link between Islamic extremism and global terrorism. So, does that mean we go around making irresponsible statements about Muslims and their religion? No.

"Open your eyes: IT IS HAPPENING. "

Well, you can prise your eyes wide open, but what's the point if you're perpetually myopic by choice? I'm not saying incidents like these didn't happen, nor am I trivialising the issue. But it's about molestation, and Wendy should keep the issue of race and nationality out of this--regardless of how good a little controversy may be for her hits.

Food for thought, aye, Wendy? =)

*Yawn* Time for bed....