Dienstag, Oktober 25, 2005

Down the Toilet...

Not the best looking banner around, but expect to see this more often now....

"So what if one, two, or three companies are afraid of endorsing a REAL human, someone with flaws? Someone with opinions?There are so many companies out there... I'm ok. :) "
-- Xiaxue

Some of you may have noticed the hoo-hah over at Xiaxue's blog. It appears that several individuals have started a campaign to get companies to pull their endorsements, and to say Wendy isn't happy is an understatement. She's just lost Voxy, and is terribly upset about what she sees as a smear campaign against her by people with personal agendas.

"I don't blame Voxy, because as Turodrique told me, in this politically correct world, no company will ever want to be seen as being politically incorrect. (With the exception of Guess endorsing Paris Hilton perhaps; sex tapes and all) "

First of all, with regards to Paris Hilton, being the heiress of an hotelier empire (and a better looking one) has its perks. But I digress.... *grin*

Ok, for the benefit of all, I'll make this simple:



Companies want Wendy to endorse their products because of her blogging fame; she's their spokesperson, so to speak. They don't care much about what she writes but only about her image in public, and if that takes a battering, these companies will want out. It's that simple.

Wendy still doesn't believe that her being politically incorrect (not once, but a zillion times) has gotten her into a fix. She blames it on her critics for trying to bring her down out of malice and JEALOUSY.

"I blame, however, the malicious people who have been bombarding my companies for a personal grudge you might have against me.

There can be only two motives why people would write to my endorsers:

1) They sincerely care for the company.
2) They want to attack my income, and subsequently, me.

Anyone votes for option one? I doubt it. "

I'd prefer option 3: "They feel that I'm abusing my privilege as an agenda-setter and want to set things straight".

It's a worrying sign when the young are so preoccupied with self-worshipping on the net; it's even more troubling when they are rewarded for it. I can't speak for the others, but for me, I certainly think it's not right for companies--run by educated adults who should know better--to get these wayward individuals to be their spokesperson. I mean, endorsements work both ways in this case--by offering Wendy endorsements, these companies are effectively condoning her bad social behaviour, making her think what she's doing is fine.

I also feel that the general public has every right to criticse when someone in the public's eye has disgraced the company/organisation he or she represents. It was public opinion that led to Mrs. Goh stepping down as NKF patron, following her now-infamous "$600000 a year is peanuts" remark; why should Wendy think she's above public scrutiny when even someone like Mrs.Goh isn't?

Because she feels she's got more integrity than others?

"I will never compromise my editorial integrity for commercial deals.

Then why harp on commercialising her blog? She'd be better off having a real job and blogging freely whenever she feels like it (that is, if she can refrain from blogging about her company as well....)

And while we're on "editorial integrity", thought I point out something Wendy wrote a while back--some incident involving her, a photo website, and the Today newspaper.

When Wendy was 19, she was supposedly approached by a businessman who wanted to feature her on his photo website. Wendy agreed to it after she was promised "photoshop rights" and $300. She was a poly intern with Today newspaper then, and so she approached her editor to do a story on websites like these:

"Because there are other websites also like his, and because these other websites were not trying to be less sleazy, I actually wanted to interview him and put him in a neutral light, whilst the other websites, of course, in the bad light they deserved to be put in."

Wendy insists that she was sincere about doing the story. But then, things began to fall apart. First, Wendy finds out that the guy was ripping her off and wanted out. The guy said he'd sue her, so she countered by threatening to write an unflattering article about his business--something which she regretted:

"THAT WAS SO FUCKING STUPID OF ME. Yes, I KNOW! Editorial integrity should never be compromised, and even if it is, you NEVER, as a reporter, SAY IT OUT LOUD. Ever."

Editorial integrity is something that should never be compromised--whether you say it out loud or otherwise. In any case, Wendy got an earful from the assistant-editor for dragging the paper into her personal mess, and the whole thing was eventually settled with an apology (which Wendy found humiliating). She still thinks she didn't do any wrong by playing hardball:

"I wasn't blackmailing him, I was just informing him about the FACTS that I was going to write on my article have changed. And certainly, threatening to contact my school, and also write to ST about this whole story, IS blackmail.)"

By one's mere association to a party that you're writing about, you can easily be accused of having "vested interest"; whether it's true or not is irrelevant.

If I'm an editor and a Democrat, and I write a stinging editorial blasting George Bush's policies, have I compromised my integrity? I may have put forth a most-convincing argument, but my political leanings immediate put me in an untenable position. Or let's say I'm a reporter and I heap praise on a particular company which I share an undisclosed relationship with--won't I get accused of editorial bias?

What the guy reportedly did was unscrupulous (you'd expect that from someone who runs a "sleazy website" for profit). Wendy might've been naïve then to think that she wasn't compromising her professional role as a journalist (even if she's an intern), but three years after that incident, she should at least be wiser for it.

Talk of integrity? As an agenda-setter and owner of a blog read by many young people out there, she needs to show "moral integrity" by not encouraging wayward behaviour. As a blogger supposedly making a living out of her blog, she needs to show "journalistic and editorial integrity" by not dragging her personal vendettas into the public's eye. As a spokesperson for the brands she endorses, she needs to show "professional integrity" by being mindful of the things she says so as not to harm their image.

Saying things like "So what if one, two, or three companies are afraid of endorsing a REAL human, someone with flaws? Someone with opinions? There are so many companies out there... I'm ok. :)" is terribly childish.

Wendy should just stop using "editorial integrity" to defend herself because she's shown very little of it until now.

"Whilst I might have stood up and proclaimed that I think there is nothing wrong with using a handicapped toilet when there is no handicapped person around (and I still stand on that opinion; more about it later), keep in mind:

I am also an ambassador for non-smoking in Singapore.
I love Singapore, and I am strongly against drugs.
I have influenced innumerous teens/females to learn to stand up for themselves.
I have inspired many to start blogging and opening themselves to the world bravely.

Many tell me thank you, daily, for being the voice they never had...


It doesn't matter if she's an ambassador for the non-smoking campaign in Singapore or she's against drugs. Most people are against these things anyway. It matters little if she's taught teens/females to stand up for themselves--the media has been championing their cause for a long time. It's pointless to say she have inspired others to blog when besides "vanity" blogs (and blogs like this one which exists due of a lack of free speech on her end) I can't really see how she has contributed to the net community in general.

And as for being the "voice they never had", I'm sure she has enough critics out there to qualify her as the "voice they never wanted" too. Would be interesting to know how many of her devoted fans are responsible adults rather than youngsters who deserve a better role model to guide and inspire them.

"And who is to gauge where morality lies? Despite all the good I do or represent, is one opinion I have, enough to say I am a bad influence, overall? "

Let me give you a scenario, a fictional example--IF you receive this letter:

"Dear Wendy, My daughter is an invalid. She is 21, like you, and she has been reading your blog since 2 years ago. However, recently, she has begun to slip into depression. She begin to cry every night, and when I ask her why, she says it is because the very blogger whom she looks up to has written something nasty about invalids like herself.

Reading your blog has depressed her, because while you say you're critical of only two individuals, my daughter still can't help but feel hurt too because she can relate to their plight...."

How would Wendy respond to this? Not another teary podcast, I hope.

I can give you countless other examples too: how about an angry parent whose little girl has just been suspended by her school for taking Wendy's advice--that is, to write nasty things about her teachers and principal on the net? She followed Wendy's instructions--setting up an anonymous blog and then act innocent when her teachers confront her. Problem is, she didn't realise that her friends weren't good at keeping secrets....

So, how is Wendy going to respond to that? Act as though nothing happened? Insist she's done no wrong and that it was the girl's fault for having friends with loose lips?

We're all familiar with the phrase "the straw that broke the camel's back". Wendy's problem with others (and vice versa) didn't start with "Toiletgate"--it started long ago, with her controversial entries, her condescending attitude towards people, and of course, her over-the-top ego trips.

"Teens who are free to read my blog possibly also can surf porn - why not go campaign against those websites? Surely beastiality is a worse influence than Xiaxue?!] "

Because porn doesn't have a face; Wendy does. Why do you think organisations have famous faces campaigning against all sorts of social ills like poverty, anti-racisim etc. Wendy, as an ambassador herself, should know how important it is to uphold her public image. The fact that she doesn't is an insult to the people who picked her.

"I come from a single-parent family, and money is something not easy to come by for us. My mom works very hard, and my brother is only 12. He doesn't have his own room, and I want to move to a bigger house so that he can get himself a room of his own.

I am not asking for sympathy, shove it up your smelly ass if you have any - I don't need it. I am just wondering how come people can derive happiness from others' misery. How much lower can the human race go, I sometimes wonder.

Thinking, perhaps, that you have taught me a moral lesson? "Be more careful with your words next time Xiaxue"?

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but given her financial situation, I do wonder how she can consider "blogging" as her first job when people out there are hunting high and low for security and a stable income.

Sheer entrepreneurship, naivety, or just plain laziness? Only she knows.

"Will making me not have food to eat make you any happier?"

Well, Wendy can always eat brioche if she can't afford bread.... No, just kidding. *grin*

Someone who can afford a life of clubbing and shopping shouldn't be worrying about something as trivial as this, no? My advice to Wendy? Get a real job, and oh, try not to get too infamous--wouldn't want to scare off your future employers, would you? =)

So what can Wendy do about endorsements going down the toilet? This is clearly a no-win situation for her. If she sticks to her guns, she's likely to lose future endorsements; if she changes, her "brat" appeal will go and she'll lose her audience. It's that "brat image" she builds around herself that sells her (and sadly, her blog's only selling point). But that's a double-edge sword to companies that have to worry about their public image as well. Should be interesting to see how this develops.

Wendy asked her readers to remember her name, 'cos she thinks she'll be a case study in the future. Never mind the future, she's fast becoming a case study now, but for all the wrong reasons.

Nb: Wendy wrote later: "Voxy wants to clarify that our endorsement (as is Kimage) was for 3 months and not a year... "

Oh well, they had the option of extending it if they wanted to, I sure. =)


  • At Dienstag, Oktober 25, 2005 8:17:00 PM, Blogger Candyfeehily said…

    you are doing a case study on xiaxue arent you?

    i actually left her a comment saying the same regarding endorsement and advertisement. i think it doesnt matter that her blog is a advertisement medium and yet if she is the ambassador for the product it is the serious concern of branding and personal image...

    anyway, there is a lot to learn.

  • At Dienstag, Oktober 25, 2005 9:13:00 PM, Anonymous delia said…

    I find it disgusting that she tried to make herself sound necessitous to evoke sympathy. Get endorsements to move out so that her brother can get a room of his own? As if sharing a room is the eptiome of poverty.

    And you are right, if she is so concerned about the financial situation of her family, she should get a proper job and stop shopping so much.

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 2:24:00 AM, Anonymous ShaolinTiger said…

    Heh seems like you actually get it, glad someone does.

    I would say though, she has no journalistic integrity, that has been proven by her massive editing of her racist vicious post about how KL sucks, the malay fucker, pig slapping, banglas etc.. have all gone.

    She hasn't apologised, nor admitted she was wrong, so why edit?

    What kind of integrity is that..

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 3:56:00 AM, Blogger Wingz said…

    Your post I very teh like~~~

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 9:02:00 AM, Anonymous me said…

    i almost fell off my chair laughing when she said she loves singapore and she has taught numerous teens to fend for themselves. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 11:00:00 AM, Blogger 7-8 said…

    Just a suggestion, but why do you bother so much about some bitch who doesn't matter instead of doing the right thing and putting more pictures of your bare back on your blog?

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 11:08:00 AM, Anonymous kingoftears said…

    scandalicious, do you have an email address? i have something i want to let you see - nothing lewd, mind.. email me at kingoftears[at]gmail[dot]com

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 11:12:00 AM, Anonymous kingoftears said…

    scandalicious, do you have an email address? i have something i want to let you see - nothing lewd, mind.. email me at kingoftears[at]gmail[dot]com

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 11:19:00 AM, Anonymous kingoftears said…

    scandalicious, do you have an email address? i have something i want to let you see - nothing lewd, mind.. email me at kingoftears[at]gmail[dot]com

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 1:00:00 PM, Blogger king of tears said…

    whoa. sorry for the triple postings earlier. connection is wonky.

    anyway i'll just post a reply from Kimage, after sending them an email around 2pm, before she posted up her entry that she lost the Kimage endorsement:

    "Hi Ethan, I thank you for your feedback. We have contacted her and very soon our collaboration with her will be history! It is nice of you to alert us on this matter. Thank you once again. "

    They replied within 15 minutes of my email. That's really something.

    No doubt they've been receiving a large influx of complaints directed at XX ever since her faux pas on disabled people.

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 1:37:00 PM, Blogger Vicnan said…

    Thank you for the concise writing!

    ..although I'm getting more than a little miffed by the numerous times on numerous sites Wendy's youth is highlighted; There be a number of us sub-twenties who sadly are devoid of the inclination to adorn our pretty necks with garlands, nor smack others with Mensa cards.

    I did enjoy you post, however, seeing as how the media's influence is something close to my heart; really, media students should at least know better!

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 4:23:00 PM, Blogger xialanxue said…

    It just goes to show that logical thoughts and well presented facts outweigh incoherent arguments and sympathy seeking stunts.

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 6:20:00 PM, Blogger 7-8 said…

    You're not really sandra, right? Why do you do identity stealing?

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 6:32:00 PM, Anonymous delia said…

    it's a parody of the other Sandra's blog.. read the profile

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 8:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    I wish your blog had a wider audience. It's great that you're reflecting the sentiments of us who disagree with Xiaxue, but it may be preaching to the converted. But however small your audience is, I believe what you're doing is worthwhile.

  • At Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005 11:22:00 PM, Blogger simplesandra said…

    king of tears,

    Saw the email on Xialanxue's blog. =)

    Haven't bothered about setting up a free email account--until now--but I'll put it up when it's done.

  • At Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005 4:38:00 AM, Blogger daphneisfullofcrap said…

    Please visit.

    Good job Sandra. but I prefer Xiaxue over Daphne. At least she remains true to herself.

  • At Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005 6:54:00 AM, Anonymous Dave Lucas said…

    All this seems to have had its beginning with Wendy's post about the disabled. She is entitled to her opinion and should be respected for expressing it, whether you agree with it or not.

    Here in the USA, there are a variety of famous people, some of whom are out on the cuckoo-wacko fringe, who say and do the most outrageous things on a regular basis, but continue to be embraced by the media nad the public.

    There are hosts on talk-radio who have taken positions on issues that send chills up and down the spines of decent people, but those hosts not only continue to be popular, they are continually sought after by companies to pitch their products.

    Wendy Cheng, for as long as I've been reading her blog, has been upfront and honest, and if she rattles some cages, so be it. She is a MAJOR player in the Blogosphere, and in may cases probably expressing things that her blogders would, if only they could without fear...

    Xiaxue will come through this and rise above it. She has the qualities and the desire to carry on, and to better herself and her position in life--- something she's already done, as every magazine and newspaper article and radio interview she's been part of will attest to!

  • At Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005 12:16:00 PM, Blogger simplesandra said…

    dave lucas wrote: "Here in the USA, there are a variety of famous people, some of whom are out on the cuckoo-wacko fringe..."

    Whether she likes it or not, she lives in an Asian society, and her character will be judged by one too. Before Wendy, there's was a certain Annabel Choong whom I recall the US media "embraced" too (they didn't get her to endorse anything, did they?) but not back here.

    The blogsphere may be global, but alas, it's still a physical world we live in. =)

    dave lucas wrote: "She has the qualities and the desire to carry on, and to better herself and her position in life--- something she's already done, as every magazine and newspaper article and radio interview she's been part of will attest to! "

    No offence, but this sound like a PR statement. =)

    If she has the desire to better herself and position in life, she would've been more open to constructive criticism, instead of dissing everyone who didn't see things her way. She's just lost two endorsements, but rather than reflecting on why she lost them, she blames others and adopts the "there are other bigger fishes in the sea" attitude.

    As for the media attesting to her "qualities", she's just been dropped by TNP, and a few friends of mine who work in the industry don't have a good impression of her either (yes, I took communications studies too).

    I'm astounded, really. An adult like yourself should know better. =)

  • At Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005 1:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    Woo!!! Great analysis!

  • At Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005 5:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    *clap clap*

  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 12:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    *yawn* somehow... I get the idea.. This isn't Sandra? Is it? The writing style seems too different...

  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 3:05:00 AM, Anonymous tesla said…

    don't u people read? this is a parody of the real Sandralicious.

  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 9:44:00 AM, Anonymous toenail said…

    apparently, she says now "Voxy will still be sponsoring my nails (I haven't decided if I will go though), while Kimage hasn't stopped the endorsement, but have just requested for the link to be taken down temporarily. (Yes, I misunderstood them too)

    Speaking of Kimage - there are certain websites which proclaim to have "reproduced", in its entirety, the contents of Kimage's response to their hatemails.

    Monica (director) called me and she was very angry indeed, because those were not her words. They are distorted beyond recognition.

    If you are that herpes-infected, shiveled owner of that website, I suggest you take down the "letter" now, because Kimage can sue you, and will sue you. *Ahem*

    eh.. so who's right and wrong? can the real Kimage and Voxy owners please stand up?????

  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 12:50:00 PM, Blogger simplesandra said…

    You have to sympathise with Kimage and Voxy for getting caught in the crossfire. I'm sure they never expected (and certainly never wanted) to be part of blog war.

    If they sponsor Wendy, they get stick from her critics; if they drop her, they get stick from her rabid fans. I certainly don't envy their position right now. =)

    I guess asking Wendy NOT to put their banner up was some kind of compromise--though I'm not sure they knew Wendy was going to make that public as well on her blog.... When will the girl learn to shut up? =)

    Thought her comments, about Voxy not happy with her use of vulgarities, was a wee bit sarcastic and uncalled for. Oh well, at least she left out her trademark "*roll eyes*".

  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 5:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    I saw your post at http://www.shoutz.com/public/modules/ipboard/index.php?act=ST&f=14&t=2220&s=d63987b7da78a95100e02e10ac3e2565
    and i have to say I fully support your view towards XX, the bitch! Way to go!

  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 5:38:00 PM, Blogger Chuang Shyue Chou said…


  • At Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005 8:55:00 PM, Blogger Aragorn said…

    hmm anti-XX?

  • At Samstag, Oktober 29, 2005 7:47:00 PM, Anonymous Jackson said…

    what is the fuss all about, get a life buddy

  • At Samstag, Oktober 29, 2005 9:51:00 PM, Anonymous joan said…

    Food for thought?

    Wizard of ID

  • At Samstag, Oktober 29, 2005 10:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    Scanalicious: when there are people in S'pore who actually pay good money to an uneducated pea-brained lout-mouth like Xiaxue to endorse their products, it's little wonder then that the Govt is so worried about unbridled freedom in our country.

  • At Sonntag, Oktober 30, 2005 3:43:00 AM, Anonymous kyra said…

    I know you are busy, but reading all your posts I feel that you really do have something substantial to say.

    So please please please update this blog? Please?

  • At Sonntag, Oktober 30, 2005 5:07:00 AM, Blogger Fatboi Slim said…

    Dear Scandalicious,

    I think your blog's much better than Sandralicious. =)

    Don't stop blogging,

  • At Sonntag, Oktober 30, 2005 9:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    Can’t read signs? Dyslexic is a disability. Wait! Its worse when you can’t even conceptualize meanings from pictures.

    Not being tall enough to go on a ride in an amusement park is considered a disability in some countries too.

    Having to compensate for your height--- or lack of with extra high heels is a disability--- Napoleon Complex

    Showing sociopath like behavior by being unable to empathise with others is a disability too- Low EQ.

    Thinking you are all great when the world think you s***- Narcissistic Complex

    XX probably have more disabilities but I think she might be eligible to use the toilet after all. 

  • At Sonntag, Oktober 30, 2005 10:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonym said…

    Well done...agreed...xiaxue tat bitch tinks that she is always right and the whole universe owes her a living...really pissed off when i saw her toilet article...wrote to the press immediately ....

  • At Mittwoch, November 02, 2005 11:18:00 AM, Anonymous 小太妹 said…

    she's slapping her own face by claiming poor in one entry and then writing in her latest that she has a real gold Guess watch and that she's gonna go thailand for a week for holiday.



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