Donnerstag, September 29, 2005

Gloves are off!

Okay, that's it. The gloves are off!

Why can't Wendy just be happy being a vanity blogger like the rest? Sandralicious, SPG, Daphne--they're all irritating and snotty in their own self-absorbed way, but never as obnoxious as this attention-seeker who styles herself as the "voice of the young".

If this were politics she'd be called a demagogue, but I doubt she even has half the brain to qualify being one.

What is it about her that gets on my nerves? It's something to do with her being thick, or worse, intentionally being so just to get more attention by strring up one controversy after another? Wendy may not like the analogy, but she's doing to the blogsphere what the yellow press has done to modern journalism.

She knows she's got many young readers; she knows she's a public figure, having gone on radio and TV; she knows she's endorsing product and brands, and is a "role-model" for public campaigns. And she damn well knows she has to be careful with the things she says because of that.

Or does she?

Christian-bashing? I can take that. Hurling veiled racist remarks at Muslims? Fine, be the bigoted "pig" (you're favourite word, Wendy) that you are. But an expletive-laden tirade urging younsters to rebel against their educators? Now, wait a minute!

I've got friends who are/were hardworking teachers; I've worked, during the course of my employment, on educational projects; I've got young relatives whose age profile fits those of her readers' (and *gasp* they could be her readers too).

So why shouldn't I worry?

And I'm sure I'm no alone here. Many have lambasted her for her latest entry on the "school vs student bloggers" controversy (including me), but most have since been banned and had their comments removed, even those targetting the issue rather than the writer herself.

To quote her: "ABUSE OF POWER. THAT IS NOT FAIR PLAY". Well, she runs a blog, makes contentious remarks at others. And when someone's comment runs foul of her political incorrectness, she removes it.

Yes, she's got the power--she's the owner of the blog--and every right to kick these people out. She just doesn't think that schools have the same right to kick THEIR students out of THEIR premises for supposedly doing the same thing....

Wendy can blog all she wants, while I'm free to give her a verbal flogging for every piece of rubbish she puts up. Tit-for-tat? Yes, sounds childish, but given her high profile among the young these days, her irresponsible blogging isn't child's play anymore.