Dienstag, September 13, 2005

Lest We Forget.

So Wendy Cheng's back. So she and her fans STILL think it's not fair for others to criticise her for blogging her own honest, uncensored opinions.

Well, I'm just curious if her fans even bother reading her stuff, because the following is from the horse's mouth--yes, words from the so-called text goddess herself...

"1) Why do you write about Fiona? She never did anything to you.
Let's go beyond the petty issue of her having bigger tits and a wispier voice then me. The issue here is not "Why?", but "Why not?".Why do writers write? To express an opinion. "Oh," but you exclaim. "When your opinion might hurt others, you should think twice Xiaxue!"Bullshit. Let me repeat that in a larger font: BULLSHIT. First off, as I mentioned, writing anything can hurt anyone....

My fault?

I don't think so. With this logic of "not harming" others in writing, no one can be objective in their writings anymore.Have you ever trashed a movie? Ever thought of the director's feelings if he hears you? What if .. oh no! ... he decides to close down his blog after what you said about his movie and never direct again?

Can I roll my eyes now in a completely rude manner? I think I shall. *roll eyes*

It is not about Fiona Xie never doing anything to me. It's about her doing something I disagree with. So I comment. If she didn't want anyone to comment, then don't write anything in the blogosphere! You have a right to love her literary works; and I have a right not to. Simple as that."

A case of double-standards, perhaps? =)


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