Dienstag, September 13, 2005

The writing was on the wall...or so we thought.

In another dramatic act of resurrection that would make Lazarus envious, Wendy Cheng has returned when it seemed all but certain that she had blogged her last entry (well, to her fans, at least).

This time, she has emerged from her hiatus--havng declared it only six days ago....

So, the next time we get hit by an economic hiatus, I suppose we can all look to Wendy Cheng for inspiration, and bound out of the doldrums in an even shorter period of time. =)

Just last month, French footballer Zinédine Zidane came out of retirement from international football after he claimed that a voice told him to do so; Wendy might just go one up by claiming that hundreds of voices (her fan-mail) convinced her to return from her self-imposed exile.

But this time, she says she's a born-again blogger ("I will go back to blogging about my life like when I first started blogging") who is open to comments ("And from now on, EVERYONE can leave comments"). She'll even turn a deaf ear to any unwanted noise on her blog ("I highly doubt I will read the comments myself, so feel free to troll, as I know many low-lives will. From today onwards, I shall be oblivious to the blogging world.")

The last I checked, comments have been deleted and IPs of "low-lives" banned and banished to oblivion.

Yup, the woman's definitely back. =)


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